Study in Russia

study in RusiaWHY STUDY IN RUSSIA?

Russia has a long and honourable tradition in education. The Russian qualifications are recognized and respected throughout the world. Besides the breathtaking scenic beauty, dense historic past and cultural richness, Russia consists some of the oldest universities in the world.

Education in Russia is subsidized by the state and thus provides good value for money by offering internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs. Especially due to achievement in high level studies including efficiency in engineering and in scientific research, the country is now recognized as a popular destination for many students around the world.


To get admitted in educational institutions in Russia, students must have completed secondary level education. There is a compulsory pre-academic year for those who do not know Russian or/and for those with weak pre-university training. They must successfully pass the entrance exams. Foreign applicants entering universities should not be older than 28 (35 for doctoral studies).


Russia requires visas for nearly all visitors. Anyone seriously considering a long stay in Russia should read the Russian visa information so as to understand the different types of visas, who is eligible for them, and what restrictions may exist. Student visa is issued only for students, who come to Russia for study programs or enrolling on a course to a Russian university/school. This is the best kind of visa in terms of flexibility, but you can only get it if you applied to a Russian university, school or an institution and will study there.

Scholarships and Financial aid are available for International Students in Russia. Most forms of federal, state and private financial aid or loans may be applied to study in Russia.

If you plan to use your financial aid award to pay University fees, you should apply early to meet aid application deadlines. Rule of eligibility are determined by federal, state and local authorities. It is the student’s responsibility to pay any difference between aid received and the total cost of the program.

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