Ukrainian National University of Pharmacy Kharkiv

newwNational University of Pharmacy is a large centre of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine and one of the oldest prestigious universities of Europe. We offer you to be a student of our University!

National University of Pharmacy has the fourth level of accreditation.

National University of Pharmacy was founded in 1805.

The study process in the University is provided by 830 lecturers, including 15 academicians, 14 Honored Workers of science and Technique of Ukraine.

80% of the lecturers have the scientific degrees of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. At present there are 17 000 students studied in the University.

Since 1960 the University has been training pharmacy specialists for the foreign countries.

Today the National University of Pharmacy is a centre of international pharmaceutical education which has taught over 4 500 Masters in Pharmacy for 80 countries of the world.

The amount of foreign students is about 1500.

Foreign students are trained in the following specialities on the base of complete secondary education: PHARMACY, CLINICAL PHARMACY AND TECHNOLOGY OF DRUGS.  On graduation they get a diploma of Master of science in Pharmacy.

Foreign citizens can get education both in Russian and in English. The duration of study in Russian is 6 years (1 year at the Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens where Russian is studied). Term of training in English is 5 years.

National University of Pharmacy is famous worldwide for the high level of teaching and high quality of professional preparation of pharmacy specialists. Over the years of its activity the University has trained over 47 000 specialists in pharmacy. Our graduates occupy senior positions in governments of their countries, head large pharmaceutical enterprises and companies, set up and run private drugstores.

University is hosted in 5 buildings: administrative, chemical and technological, medical and biological, clinical and humanitarian. The structure of University comprises 5 hostels, medical centre, botany garden, health centre and cultural centre. Lectures halls, laboratories and classrooms are equipped in line with the European standards.

The number of trained specialists for 93 world countries who got Degree “Master of Science in Pharmacy” and successfully continue their career is about 6 thousand.

Currently NUPh is a large educational family which includes about 17500 students, over 1600 of them are foreign students from 53 countries of the world, 650 lecturers, 94% of them are Doctors of sciences and professors, assistant professors, 10 academicians and associate members of the National and branch academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 11 honored workers of science and techniques of Ukraine.

2002 – the University got a National status.

2008 – NUPh became an individual member of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation).

2009 – NUPh joined EAFP (European Association of Pharmacy Faculties).

2010 – University is awarded with the honour diploma «Leader of modern education in Ukraine» by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine

2012 –National University of Pharmacy is granted title «Leader of international activity in Ukraine»

2013 – NUPh signed Magna Carta Universitatum

2014 – the University joined EAU (Eurasian Association of Universities)

2015 – NUPh granted membership in IAU (International Association of Universities)

2016 – University is awarded with the Gold Medal «International cooperation as a consistent part of innovative development of National Education and Science» by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine

The structure of the University comprises 8 faculties, 49 departments, 8 scientific and research laboratories, 60 educational and scientific subdivisions, 5 hostels. The University scientific library is the second one in the city with more than 1 mln. issues of books and magazines, starting with editions of 1841. Students have the possibility to go in for sports at 17 sections, such as basketball, volleyball, aerobics, shaping, sumo, wrestling, аikido etc. There are students’ cafés in every building.



National University of Pharmacy trains foreign students in the following specialities, qualifications, training directions:

  • Pre-university training (10 months).
  • Pharmacy – Pharmacy (M); Technology of cosmetics and perfumery (M); Technology of pharmaceutical preparations (M); Clinical Pharmacy (M).
  • Medicine – Laboratory diagnostics (B).
  • Chemical technology and engineering – Biotechnology (B).
  • Economics and entrepreneurship – Economics of enterprises (B, M); Marketing (B, M).
  • Second higher education – Quality, standardization and certification (M, 1 year); Pedagogy of High School (M, 1 year).
  • Post-graduate training – Pharmacology (PhD); Technology of drugs, organization of pharmaceutical business & forensic pharmacy (PhD); Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy (PhD).

Master (M) – 5 yeas, Bachelor (B) – 4 yeas,

PhD – 3-4 yeas.

Foreign students’ training is conducted in Ukrainian, Russian or English.