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Located on the cusp of the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa, Ghana is a growing nation in a burgeoning continent, and presents itself as a very viable option for students who are looking to study in a nation that is rich in diversity and high in academicism. Studying in Ghana will give you the opportunity to study in a prosperous academic environment that promotes research growth and learning, and which is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet.

This country found in the West-African sub-region has English as the official language. With over 100 tertiary institutions in Ghana comprising universities, colleges, polytechnics among others which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, students have a wide range of options to choose from. There are programs available to meet every need and to support you to determine the best program for you, this section seeks to feed you with knowledge about each institution’s location, programmes on offer, the requirements for admission, etc. It also includes many other details needed for students to make informed choices as well as ensure successful applications.

About Ghana

Bordering the Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso and the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is home to secluded, palm-lined beaches, a tapestry of diverse cultures, a strong democracy and improving socioeconomic standards. For this reason, Ghana represents a land of opportunity for Africans, as well as people from all over the world who are looking for new challenges and opportunities.

The official language of Ghana is English, which means that all courses are taught in one of the world’s most widely spoken tongues. As such, most international students are able to easily immerse themselves in their studies and the local culture. They are also able to express themselves in class, on campus, and in the cities with confidence. This helps to ensure a smooth adaptation process. With that in mind, there are several national languages of Ghana, while African slang is also commonly spoken.

The climate of Ghana is classed as tropical, which means there are only two seasons: Wet and dry. Consequently, average monthly temperatures don’t tend to rise or fall sharply, and instead remain at a constant throughout the year; 32 degrees is the average monthly high throughout the year, while 23 degrees is the average monthly low.

Tourist attractions are plentiful and include:

  • KakumNatonal Park
  • Mole National Park
  • Busua Beach
  • Lake Volta
  • Cape Coast Castle


There are numerous positive reasons for applying to study in Ghana. This section offers objective and practical advice and guidance to prospective international students on studying in the Republic of Ghana; in relation to both Undergraduate and Post Graduate studies.


Courses offered by the Ghanaian tertiary institutions have gained international recognition over the years


Ghanaian universities are known for quality programs and excellent tuition from qualified lecturers. There are also periodic visits from lecturers in other internationally recognized institutions across the world. The universities have further adopted modern technology and teaching methods to add value to the learning process.


The educational system in Ghana has enabled a wide range of institutions to co-exist and collaborate across academic and social environments, offering diploma and degree programmes as well as specialized subjects.

Direct Admission:

Admission into educational institutions is direct! Aside the WASSCE or any equivalent certificate, there are no written examinations such as SAT, TOFEL, IELTS, JAMB, NECO, etc. before admission into Ghanaian universities and institutions.


As an investment in your future, a Ghanaian degree gives you great value for the money. You are presented with wide range of tuition fees, cost of living plus financial help from several departments within and outside of the universities, to make studying in Ghana cost effective.


A safe, serene and peaceful environment, coupled with favorable weather conditions is a requisite for academic success. The Ghanaian environment provides just that.

100 %  Visa Guaranteed:

Unbelievable!!! Yes 100%  visa guaranteed.