transportDAAT s formal name is University of Transportation Systems and Technology “Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport”.

DAAT is a privately-owned institution of higher education, which operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Youth, and Sports of Ukraine. Established in 1994, DAAT is currently one of the fastest growing technical universities in Ukraine.

We are also a member of both the National Register of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine and the National Register of Research Institutions, which are supported by the Ukrainian government.

DAAT consists of 6 faculties, comprised of 12 independent departments, a college, preparatory department for international students. Additionally, we have a research center dealing with transportation systems and technology, a student s research bureau and ADR research laboratory dealing with the transportation of dangerous cargos, a department of training for allied trades.

Graduate Diplomas and Certificates

DAAT offers studies for Bachelors, Masters (incorporating both practice- and theory-oriented), and PhDs.

2 options are available for applicants wishing to study with DAAT:

  • Option 1 – Enroll on a degree course directly from your first year of study with us.
  • Option 2 – For those who have not yet attained the academic level required for direct enrollment you can enroll with our Preparatory Faculty for International Students.

Languages of Learning

The training of international students is conducted in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. We have our own language department which will help you to achieve the required language proficiency if you have not yet done so.

Academic Areas, Specialties, and Specialty Areas

DAAT s academic avenues cover every field of the road transport sector, as follows:

  • Road transport
  • Road vehicles and transportation providers
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  • Computer Aided Diagnostics for Automobiles
  • Technical Maintenance of Special-Purpose Rolling Stock, for the transportation of dangerous or flammable goods (Petroleum products compressed and liquefied gas, chemicals, explosives, etc.).
  • Transport technologies
  • Cargo and passenger road transport
  • Organization of the dangerous or flammable goods transportation (petroleum products, compressed and liquefied gas, chemicals, explosives, etc.)
  • Transportation of international cargos
  • Customs clearance of international cargos
  • Traffic regulation and control
  • Road traffic control and automated systems
  • Law of road transportation operations
  • Development of road traffic projects
  • Computer Engineering
  • Dedicated computer systems
  • Computer information systems for business management
  • In-built computer systems
  • Communications computer-based hubs


  • Logistics
  • Road transportation management
  • Transport Technologies and Logistical Management

Preparatory Department for International Students

Here we are engaged in the training of foreign citizens to ease admission to higher educational institutions within Ukraine. The Department s program includes Russian, Ukrainian and English language courses, with each being the student s choice, as well as advanced training within secondary school majors.