Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Ukraine. It has the glorious 82-year history. Founded in January of 1920 under the initiative of professor M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky the university nowdays continues long-lasting traditions of national higher education.

DonSUET is the leading trade-economic HEE of Ukraine of the 4th level of accreditation.

In the structure of the University, there are 4 educational establishments of the 1st level of accreditation: they are Dokuchayevsk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Shachtersk Technical Colleges and conomic-technological faculty in Sevastopol and teaching centres in Simferopol, Mariupol, Krivoi Rog.

More than 13500 students are trained in DonSUET and its subdivisions.

The concept of graded trains of a specialist is realized successfully in DonSUET: preliminary training – junior specialist – bachelor – master – candidate of sciences – doctor of sciences.
Nowadays DonSUET trains specialist not only for the sphere of trade and services but for other branches of economy, actually it became the centre for economic specialist’s training in the region. Graduates from the University work in many countries of the world. More than 1000 specialists have been trained in the University only for the overseas countries.

Teaching staff of the University directs their effort on the constant renewal of the content and methods of teaching, on the creating of flexible system of specialists training for economy of Ukraine; More than 70000 specialists for economy as a whole, trade and public catering in particular have been trained at the University for the years of its existence. Due to its fruitful activity, DonSUET turned into the centre of economic education known for its achievements far beyond Ukraine.

The achievements of DonSUET scientists got wide dissemination. There are more than 300 academics, doctors of sciences, professors, candidate of sciences and associate professors work at the University. The scientific schools research into the theory of market, economics and finances of trade, accounting, analysis, control and auditing, marketing and commercial activity, marketing, management, foodstuffs equipment, technology of catering, labour protection, commodity science and expert evaluation, ecological and technological production got the world recognition. University scientists’ and teachers’ instalments deserved high appreciation of Ukrainian government.

DonSUET successfully collaborates with a big number of authoritative international and home structures and organizations. University scientists work as experts of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine’s Supreme Soviet, Highest Certification Board of Ukraine. They actively participate in the elaboration of a number of economic laws, which are adopted by Supreme Soviet.

Donetsk University of Economics and Trade named after M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky was among the first higher educational establishments in Ukraine that began its work in the international scientific project in the framework of European program TEMPUS/TACIS. University scientists successfully collaborate with foreign partners also in the framework of British Council program REAP which is financed by “Know-How” fund, received grants for elaboration of economic courses since 1998.Besides, scientists of DonSUET annually receive grants for participation in foreign scientific conferences and seminars, scientific articles publications in the framework of TACIS program, British Council, TREX, “Rebirth” fund, USAID. DonSUET has close contacts with California University (USA), Athens University (Greece). Along with the contacts development with higher educational establishments in foreign countries, DonSUET continues old cooperation with higher educational establishments of Russia (Russian Economic Academy named after G.V. Plehanov, St. Peterburg Trade-Economic University, Voronezh University, Moscow University of Consumers Cooperative Society).

Main directions of scientific activities are:

– socio-economic problems of market relations formation in Ukraine and region;

– development and efficiency raise of management and marketing;

– perfection of accounting, analysis and control of economic activity;

– creation of new food technologies and food enterprises equipment.

Volume of work done to order of ministries, state administration, commercial structures is constantly growing, all this testifies to practical importance of scientific result and, first of all, authority of university.

Numerous author licenses, patents and diplomas, special prizes for novelty and practical efficiency on different forums prove rightness of university scientific strategy development.

DonSUET trains specialists for all levels of many economic spheres:

– for enterprise, commerce, business, market economy;

– for trade enterprise and public catering;

– for food and processed production;

– for financial, taxing, audit commission, customs and other state and regional service;

– for state and government institutions;

– for international trade and tourism.

There are five departments in Donetsk State University of Economics and Trade:

– Department of Economics, Management and International Economic Relations;

– Department of Marketing, Trade and Customs;

– Audit and Finance Department;

– Catering Department;

– Department of Food and Processed Production.

The University trains students on specialities:

– “International Economy”,

– “Enterprise Economy”,

– “Management Organization”,

– “Marketing”,

– “Goods Management and Commercial Activity”,

– “Goods Management and Customs Assessment”,

– “Accountancy and Audit”,

– “Finances”,

– “Banking System”

– “Technology of Catering”,

– “Equipment of food and proceeded enterprises”.