National aeroHISTORY

Ukraine is one of few countries of the world where aviation and space engineering is developed and manufactured and where skilled experts are trained for these areas. The National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute is the leading one among the Ukrainian educational institutions which trains such experts.

The KhAI was founded in 1930. Its history is closely connected with the development of aircraft engineering and science. The University is famous for its creation of the first in Europe high-speed airplane with a retractable landing gear and the creation of the design of the turbojet engine developed by teacher of the KhAI A. M. Liulka who afterwards became the academician and designer of many structures of aircraft engines including the engine of the aircraft Su-27.

The KhAI is unique higher educational institution where the airplanes developed by the Institute Design Bureau under the supervision of Professor I. G. Neman were produced serially at the aircraft plants and run on passenger airlines.

From 1977 to 1984 the Designer General O.K. Antonov run the department of airplane structure at the KhAI.

In 1978 the KhAI was given the name of N. Ye. Zhukovskiy. In 1980 the Institute was awarded with the order of Lenin. In 1998 the N. Ye. Zhukovskiy State Aerospace University “Kharkov Aviation Institute” was founded on the basis of the KhAI and in 2000 the University got a status of the National higher educational institution and got a name of the National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute.

During the period of its existence the University has trained about 80 ths engineers. More than 80% of the experts with higher education who work in Ukrainian aerospace area are the graduates of the KhAI.

At present about 9.5 ths students and 160 post-graduate students are trained at the University; 650 teachers and 2.5 ths employers work here. Among them there are 120 Professors and PhD.

The KhAI is a member of International Association of Universities, EASN, PEGASUS organizations as well as is a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum.

The KhAI is a co-executor of many scientific and educational programs which are carried out with universities and companies of EU, Mexico, China.

National AeroIn 1992 the KhAI started the training of foreign students. About 1400 foreign citizens from 45 countries are trained annually at the University.

The KhAI covers a separate area of the city in the forest-part zone, it amounts to about 25 hectares. The University has 8 academic buildings, research institute and laboratories, library, campus, sport complex, swimming pool, first medical aid point, dining halls, bank, kindergarten, etc.

Major Programs at Bachelor level

  • Automobile Transport
  • Airlines maintenance
  • Accounting and audit
  • International economics
  • Aircraft and rocket building
  • Engines and power plants of aircraft
  • Avionics
  • System analysis
  • Information science
  • Applied mathematics
  • Power machine building
  • Heat power engineering
  • Machine building
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Applied mechanics
  • System engineering
  • Automation and computer-integrated technologies
  • Aero navigation
  • Geodesy, cartography, organization of the use of land
  • Metrology, standardization and certification
  • Metrology and informational and measuring technologies
  • Ecology, environment and balanced nature management
  • Radio techniques
  • Radio-electronic devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer’s sciences
  • Computer’s engineering
  • Program engineering
  • Commodity research and commercial enterprise
  • Finances and credit
  • Marketing
  • Economics of enterprise
  • Management
  • Psychology
  • Philology

Document knowledge and information activity

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Major Programs at Masters level

Duration – 1,5 – 2 years

  • Airplanes and helicopters
  • Aircraft engines and power plant
  • Control systems of flying machines and their complexes
  • Airplane and helicopter manufacturing
  • Aircraft engine manufacturing
  • Designing and manufacturing articles made in composite
  • Rocket and space complexes
  • Aerospace heat engineering
  • Spacecraft engines and power plant
  • Engines of rocket-space craft
  • Life safety measures
  • Information controlling systems and techniques
  • Information design technologies
  • Software of automated systems
  • Robotic systems and complexes
  • Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes
  • Manufacture of electronic devices
  • Technologies and means of telecommunication
  • Specialized computer systems
  • Information measuring systems
  • Quality, standardization and certification
  • Management of organizations
  • Project Management
  • Gas turbine power plants and compressor stations
  • Biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems
  • Metrology and measuring engineering
  • Systems of control and automation
  • Computer systems and networks
  • System programming
  • Non-conventional sources of power

The university implemented a unique educational and research programs with various international institutions. Through these programs students and teachers of KhAI have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and enrich the experience of studying abroad and communicating with foreign colleagues. KhAI conducts joint training of Ukrainian students with the Turin Polytechnic University (Italy) and the University of Otto von Guericke (Germany) and joint training of Chinese students with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China). According to the agreement between KhAI and the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics students and postgraduates of KhAI participate the scholarship program for Masters and Postgraduates. KhAI every year admits foreign students to its summer school in several areas of the aerospace sector. Every year KhAI increases the number of agreements with foreign universities and institutions wishing to implement student exchange with KhAI.

The University is actively involved in the fundraising. Together with European partners it received the highest number in Ukraine of scientific and educational grants TEMPUS FP-7 and the European Union. Currently, the University is participating in fundraising program ERASMUS + together with partners. Students and teachers of KhAI participate in a such programs as DAAD, Fulbright, ERASMUS + etc. Every year more than 200 students and teachers go abroad to participate in educational and research activities.

University is popular among foreign students. Now the university trains more than 1,400 foreign students from 45 countries on different directions.