Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force

IvanIvan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force is a multidisciplinary higher educational institution with a highly qualified faculty, up-to-date educational and material facility, developed infrastructure. The University was founded in 1930.

Kharkiv University of Air Force has the IV level of accreditation and trains students in 7 majors and specialties. The University also trains international students in all the accredited specialties at the level of all the qualified requirements of bachelor, specialist and master on the basis of the international contracts of Ukraine, state programs, contracts drawn by the University with legal entities and individuals. The University is licensed to train international students for their further enrollment in higher educational institutions. The term of training at the preparation department is one year. Since its foundation the University has trained specialists for 27 countries of the world. Enrollment of international students takes place August 15 through October 15 according to the results of the interview. On completing the training course, students are issued certificates and on graduating from –state-recognized diplomas.

The main objective of practical training are as follows:

  • acquisition of skills for application, repair, production and preservation of weapon systems, facilities maintenance and repair of equipment and armament;
  • research and development of production, reparation and familiarization of equipment companies, automation control, work safety, environment protection measures.

Current requirements for military personnel qualifications need for high quality of training for prospective graduates. With regards to the order of the rector of the University “On the training and tactical classes for graduates at Kharkiv Air Force University in management. The University is the most powerful military higher educational institution of the Air Forces of Ukraine at the 4th level of accreditation (SAC protocol number 91 on 24.11.2011, license AB NQ 586527 09.11.2011). In order to ensure high quality of basic humanitarian and vocational training at the university there are 8 main faculties and 30 departments at the University:

  • Flight Department
  • Engineering and Aviation Department
  • Faculty of Air Defense Forces
  • Department of Automated Control Systems and Combat Support Aviation
  • Faculty of Radio Defense Forces
  • Department of Air Defense Forces
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies
  • Faculty of Information and Technical Systems
  • Faculty of Reserve Officers Training

The following areas are provided by the University:

  • “Computer Engineering”
  • “Software Engineering”
  • “Systems Engineering”
  • “Electronics and electrical”
  • “Radio-Technics”
  • “Metrology and Measuring Technologies”
  • “Avionics”
  • “Optical Engineering”
  • “Aircraft Maintenance”