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The goal of every student is to get good grades at the end of every academic calendar, and ultimately, after school. Either as a returning student or a fresher, you need an encourager and a reminder about study habits to practice continuously for better grades.

Let’s ride.                                      

Schedule a routine that can help you with learning. As a student, schedule a learning routine that you can commit to every day and be religious about it. Table a time of the day, hours, place (solitary advisable). If you are nocturnal, you might be able to learn and understand better and faster at night, and vice versa. If you have a job that supports your finances, you might want to consider that too.


Take notes and review constantly and thoroughly. Note-taking during lectures and constant reviews cannot be over-emphasized. It also means being present in classes and personally taking notes. Note-taking makes whatever is being learnt more understandable. 

Imbibe study skills that work best for you. We process, retain and recall learnings in different ways and forms. Different study techniques can be employed to aid the assimilation of study materials quickly and easily. It is therefore important to do a personal study of one’s self to discover which approach best suits you. It could be a combination of approaches or just one specific technique. 

Reduce Social Distractions. Technological advancement comes with a lot of perks, such as access to information, side hustles, research facilities, but if not properly managed, could be a huge source of distraction. It is advisable to stay put on websites that offer useful values that enhance your academics and help you with better grades.

Time Management can be a difficult feat to overcome, especially in the midst of several activities and this era of virtual studies, but creating a to-do list is one of the ways to be an efficient student. Organizing your study materials in easy to access format would also help to eliminate time wastages, instead of spending valuable time looking for missing materials.

A study group/partner is also another step in the right direction. Study partners and groups can be useful to solve study problems and serve as an avenue to be committed to a study session/ routine, and ideas can be shared, questions can be asked, tough topics can be broken into easy bits.

Get counselling or advice from a professional, advisor, or anyone you can conveniently relate your situations to when need be. Always ask for help when you meet a difficult situation that can adversely affect your studies. A problem shared, they say is half solved, but be careful not to share with persons that can make compound the problem.


Self-care is also very important. Take good care of yourself. Rest when you should, it doesn’t make you lazy, but smarter. Eat when you should and make sure it’s healthy and nutritious. Taking care of your health makes it easy for you to learn and keeps sickness far from you.

Socialize. All work and play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. It is okay to hang out with friends and colleagues. You can party, join social clubs, and identify with sports clubs. Visit nice sites like the museum, art houses, music concerts. These help to relax the muscles and help the brain too, just don’t make it excess at the expense of your academics.

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