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Let’s talk about building network as an international student. Yes, It can be a hard job making friends as an international student. However hard, you need to look beyond and socialize. How? Let’s delve into it?

building network

Calm down, observe people around. Sieve the kinds of personalities you can be comfortable around, and extend friendship to them. It starts with you taking interest in other people, be open-minded and be nice to others. Look for opportunities to introduce yourself and be inviting. Do you see your neighbor mewing lawn, walk up to him, introduce yourself as a new student around, and commend him on what he is doing. That’s a fast way to integrate into a new environment. Trust me, that neighbor would be the first to greet you another time or offer you a cup of coffee the next day.


Start a study group. You can’t just make social friends and forget academics. Look for opportunities to learn and enhance yourself. Create opportunities to help those that might have challenges coping with studying. Look for opportunities to learn and help, but do not do too much as well, so you dont look desperate. Be intelligent and let your wisdom or knowledge be needed.

building network

Be open to social networks. Step out to watch movies, visit tourist centers like Museums, where you can learn about the history, facts, and upbringing of the indigenes of your new environment. Join international students’ clubs, where you can meet students of other cultures, and yours. It would offer you vast opportunities. Check the college student calendar and make plans on the ones to attend.

Focus on your hobbies and pursue opportunities along that line. Do you like to play volleyball? Look for Volleyball clubs to join, be active in the club, and you are progressively making quality friends within a winkle. 

Consider campus jobs. As you learn, consider earning. At your job placement, you also improve your network and expand. you gain work experience, meet work colleagues, and you get to be more relevant.

Be empathic. Another effective way of building network is to let people know you genuinely care for them, and you are available when they need your help. Let people be able to count on you. Do not make light of their circumstances. Be happy for them when you should, and weep with them when need be.

building network

When you eventually meet people, you do need to build a friendship. Ask about their culture. Make efforts to learn as many words as possible from their language, use the words on them, laugh out loud at your errors. Try to learn about their food, eat the food, make quality comments. Learn about their ceremonial functions too. How weddings and funerals are celebrated. 

Prove to people that you just want to learn about their culture, and be genuine about your learnings. It broadens your horizon. Don’t mock other cultures, it’s not a smart thing to do. There you go. Now that you know effective ways of building network, go ahead and make amazing friends.

But remember, you do not have to be everywhere and be yourself in all.

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