Courses in Demand in UK- 2021

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Courses in Demand in UK 2021

The UK has a global reputation for academic excellence, boasting many universities in the world global ranking which offer numerous types of courses for both undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. 

It has the oldest education system, hence many students who want to match their passion with opportunities will want to understand the courses before enrolling in the university of their choice. 

Undergraduate courses in the UK last for 3 years and postgraduate for one year. Most courses have English Language Entry requirements, with the main intake period being in September and October. However, some courses have intakes in January, February, April and May. Students can work 20 hours per week and full-time during vacation.

courses in demand in uk

This post provides an insight into the Courses in Demand in the UK to help you make a fully informed choice. 

Courses in Demand in UK 2021

  • Nursing

Nursing is the study of principles and techniques for assessing, managing, treating and monitoring patients. The four main nursing areas in the NHS are adult, child, mental health and learning disability.

It is one of the most popular subjects to study in the UK and despite it being a high-pressure job, nurses report very high levels of job satisfaction. 

  • Biological sciences

Biotechnology, Food industries, Forensic science, Ecology, Environmental Science, Academic and hospital Research are courses in the UK that lie in Biological Science which is concerned with the study of life and living organisms, their life span and life cycle, adaption and environment.

  • Engineering

The engineering program offered by the universities in the UK are highly research-based and that aims to get their students enough knowledge and skills required for the job. The UK also offers many job opportunities and some may get a chance to run an internship in some engineering companies. The trending courses in this area include Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering, Electronic Engineering.

  • Business and Administration studies

There are countless business colleges and universities in the UK. Business and administration courses teach how a business functions from the financial side to marketing. The popular courses include Accounting, Business Analytics, Business Administration, Finance and Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, International Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics, International Business.

  • Law

Law is a study that specialises in legalities and bringing justice to criminals and victims. In the UK, mock courtrooms to help the students in gaining experience in the real world are provided and students are also allowed to take a year’s placement at a firm while studying. Popular courses in this area include International Human Rights Law, Masters of Law, Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Law, Criminology and Law, Civil Law.

  • Medicine

The subjects allied to medicine range far and wide – from clinical medicine to optometry, dentistry to medical technology. Students can get into healthcare roles immediately after their study in the UK and alternatively, many students go into roles in sectors such as education, scientific sales, environment, and journalism. Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Bio-medical Science, Nutrition are some of the medical professions. Students can also study preclinical medical courses like anatomy and physiology, all of which can be specialisms in their own right.

  • Art and Design

The UK offer numerous attractive jobs like working in the fashion industry, animation, theatre, computer games, illustration as well as in textiles industry after getting an Art and Design degree. The most popular courses in the Art and Design field are Fine Art, Graphic design and Fashion Paintings.

  • Social Studies

Political Science, Psychology, Anthropology, History and Linguistics are some of the popular courses in the UK in the social studies field. Universities in the UK offer social-related courses and provide students from around the globe with sound knowledge to take on a variety of roles. 

  • Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of information technology.

Students with a degree in this field often go into roles such as consultants, managers, programmers, analysts and developers. 

  • Management Studies

Management studies courses often include areas of business, hospitality, tourism, land, and property. Degree courses in this area set students up for careers in most professional sectors, as management skills are highly transferable and widely applicable. 

courses in demand

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